> The Wander Book: October 2013

Majestic Sounds

Music really is very important to me. I have a big collection of many different genres stored on my laptop and it's growing every day. Whenever I'm happy, sad, exhausted, hyper, or however I feel, I listen to music. The weather today is very bad and I should be studying for my exam this afternoon but I figured I could give you a sneak peak in my playlist for today. Enjoy it and when you have some recommended songs for me, please comment below!


Some of lasts week inspiration.. Enjoy yourselves. 

PS. I've been to a John Mayer concert and it was amazing! He is so much better playing live and my respect for him doubled.

Offical Adult

Finally I'm 18!!!!! A Happy Birthday to me and Hallelujah, thank God I don't have to wait any longer. This day was coming closer and closer and now it's finally there. This morning I drove the car all by my self for the first time and it was great. I'm no longer the Benjamin any more (actually I still am but at least I'm an 'adult' too now). Tonight I will have some friends and family over to celebrate with me but for now I am going to enjoy the moment and lay back. Have a good day!

Fresh n Clean

Long time no see. With the days getting colder and the nights getting longer I spend more time on my couch. With this my blogger urges come along and I get more inspired by beautiful photographs and joyful music. So, here is some fresh inspiration for you. Enjoy!

PS. Scroll down for some of the tunes I listen to 24/7